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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The NGDS Quality Assurance Program is based on integrating professional support services, instituting best practices at all levels and realizing cost savings for our customers. We have a highly skilled and specialized team, which provides programmatic, technical, and engineering services.

   - ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Certificate Number C0098778-IS6)
   - ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Certified (Certificate Number C0098778-ST5)
   - ISO 27001:2022 Certified (Certificate Number C0098778-IM7) 

   - ISO/IEC 27017:2015 Certified (Certificate Number C0728083-2)
   - CMMI-SVC v2.0 Maturity Level 3 Rated (Appraisal #66744) 
   - HDI Certified Support Center v5.3 (HDI Audit: 0100-2022) 

Internal processes are designed to manage the research and development of quality products, such as the interaction with commercial vendors to ensure that solutions are stable and progressive. These internal processes enable success in many key areas, including the ability to monitor and maximize quality for the complete product life cycle.

NGDS’s proven record of success is based on the company’s philosophy that providing engineering expertise as a stand-alone service is not the most efficient manner in which to achieve the mutual goal of providing the highest quality product. In addition to highly talented engineers, the company’s team-based approach includes technically superior project managers who collaborate with customers during the planning process of each effort, the development of task requirements and relevant quality standards. The comprehensive team ensures that the end product is delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

NGDS also manages an integrated change control process, ensuring all change requests are properly evaluated and, if approved, integrated into the task. Through timely implementation of changes, which have been approved through this integrated change control process, NexGen is able to control many aspects of the task, including resource workload.

At NGDS, we take pride in providing highly specialized professional network engineering services, which fill a unique niche by combining technical expertise with a customer-focused and team-based approach to producing quality designs and solutions.

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