Network Engineering

NexGen Data Systems offers network engineering and full project life cycle support services from the gathering of operational requirements to system integration and on-site training of the detailed system designs we build, test and deploy.

The NexGen team has several years of experience developing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise and wide area network solutions including, but not limited to:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing and communications
  • Legacy systems migration (Circuit-to-packet, Layer 2 VPN solutions)
  • Intranet and extranet Layer 3 MPLS VPN solutions
  • Multicast enterprise and VPN solutions
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Traffic engineering (TE)
  • High availability solutions
  • Network management (Netflow, SNMP, NTP)
Operations and
In-Service Engineering
As an integral part of operating and maintaining fielded systems, the NexGen team is able to recognize system enhancement opportunities, which modernize and incorporate transformational technologies into existing capabilities. Our commitment to maintaining and improving capabilities in the operational environment has earned NexGen the utmost respect of the system user communities who rely on us to be the technical experts, utilizing our maintenance support services such as:
  • Remote and on-site and technical support to operational systems
  • Maintaining trouble tickets through approved tracking systems
  • Testing, evaluation, and dissemination of information assurance vulnerabilities mitigations
  • Baseline configuration management
  • Logistics
Data Center Engineering

NexGen Data Systems offers data center engineering and full project life cycle support services from the gathering of requirements, initial design and system integration to the on-site training of the operational staff supporting the system designs we build, test and deploy.

The NexGen team has several years of experience developing, implementing, and maintaining large scale computing solutions based on industry leading Red Hat and VMware platforms. These solutions encompass the necessary network and storage (collectively "data center") solutions. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • SAN and NAS using market leading solutions
  • SOA application infrastructure design
  • Oracle and MySQL database design
  • Systems, Storage and Database migrations and upgrades
  • Virtualized solutions using VMware and RHEV
  • Multi-tier fault tolerant "scale out" solutions for web applications, data mining and similar
  • High performance computing
  • Systems and Storage security and compliance
Data and Network
NexGen Data Systems offers a variety of security solutions to guarantee our customers' data, networks, and successful operations. We use a comprehensive defense in depth approach to the design and development of secure data systems.

The NexGen team has extensive hands-on experience and expertise in engineering, developing, and maintaining advanced security solutions using many diverse protocols, tools and technologies in mixed vendor environments. The team at NexGen Data Systems has years of experience developing expert solutions for the US Department of Defense. Our success in this highly sensitive environment has demonstrated our ability to effectively develop and implement data and network security.
Project Management

NexGen Data Systems offers project management services and project managers with significant experience and extensive technical backgrounds. Our project managers maintain elevated levels of technical knowledge and are able to ensure that customer resources are maximized throughout the project lifecycle. Our unique approach to the structure of our team greatly enhances NexGen’s ability to provide superior program level support.

While serving as the primary liaison between the project team and the customer, the NexGen project manager develops schedules and resource allocation. By establishing streamlined roles and responsibilities, we are able to make certain that team members succeed in the development of effective technical solutions, while the project managers facilitate swift responsiveness to the customer.

Technical Writing and Illustration

Communicating relevant and complex technical information can be a challenge in today’s complex IT environment. At NexGen Data Systems, our production strategy mandates a high level of quality in our documentation and project deliverables.

Concise technical writing and information graphics are critical components in making project documentation communicate effectively. Our production team includes experts with years of experience in technical editing and the industry’s best graphic design tools and techniques including Adobe and Autodesk software. We are capable of delivering many innovative deliverables including, but not limited to:

  • System Design Specifications
  • Testing Documentation
  • Concept and Design Presentations
  • Training Manuals and Presentations
  • 2D Illustrations
  • 3D Illustrations
  • Animation